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Spiral vuole formulare un costrutto etico coerente, un'ideologia contemporanea che gli amanti della libertà possano applicare nelle loro vite e nei loro progetti. Noi raccogliamo e mettiamo insieme ideali ed azioni in uno sforzo collaborativo aperto a tutti i contributi.

La risposta a "Che fare?" rimane ancora difficile da formulare e da applicare. Comunque, negli anni scorsi come nei secoli passati sono emerse tante buone idee. Molte persone, oggi, le mettono in pratica. E ancora di più si potrebbero aggregare a loro, se solo le conoscessero e venissero a conoscerne le ragioni. Il punto di inizio, ed il denominatore comune di tutto ciò che facciamo, è il principio della spirale.

Spiral è incominciata da capo e in molte lingue nell'estate del 2013, ma dietro c'è già un po' di storia...


Espiral was born in 2001 as a political party, in the heat of antiglobalization protests, subvertising, September 11, the crisis in Venezuela and worldwide democratic decline. The basic idea was to infiltrate as a sort of Trojan horse in the political, media, and corporate spheres, using their own tools.

First Aid Guide against Lack of Time.

This is how we run in several Spanish elections, together with the Motivados party. The aim was to get millions of ballots printed and distributed for free in hundreds of election booklets, showing to voters the message "Another Democracy is Possible", with the image of a hand placing a ballot in the toilet. We organized a mass email directed to the Spanish congressional deputies, asking their personal opinion on the bombing of Iraq. We designed a First Aid Guide against Lack of Time, that modern epidemic. We began a Dennouncements Workshop (counter-advertising ads). And other projects.

In our experience, the main problem we encountered was the dissemination of projects. Only "Another Democracy is Possible" was able to mobilize a thousand people in different cities, and in the end, we ran up against organizational fatigue. Around 2005 the first phase was gone and we closed the (political) party.

More than a decade later, the world is the same, or worse. Although almost a generation of activism has passed, and though the mobilizations and themes of today have different styles and tactics, ujder the surface the root causes of problems continue almost unaltered. In the same way, these are almost the same root causes targeted by civil protests throughout the 20th century, and earlier.

Spiral's first logo.

For this reason, we have decided to reactivate and update one of the actions begun by spiral: the spiral of values. The idea was that, to react and protest is not good enough, if you don't have your own agenda. To follow political, media, and corporate agendas in several parts of the planet is an exhausting effort. What matters is to have your own agenda, based on solid values, and to ally oneself with those who share this agenda and these values, to accomplish your goals.

Therefore, today the Spiral project is focused on finding and connecting causes, actions, and interesting projects.

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