Any change starts with you

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Big problems; what is to be done? Don't fall into the traps of impotence or apathy. Changing societies will not happen overnight. However, what is stopping you from changing your life?

Walk your Spiral[edit source]

Progressing in the right direction is simpler when you take one step at a time. Start applying the Spiral principle to small actions. Planning the next steps toward happiness for everyone will be simpler after learning from new practices, new contacts, and deeper collaboration.

How Spiral iterations work:

  1. Start with yourself. Are you part of the problem? Are you one of the victims? Be aware and commit to a first change.
  2. Connect with the people working on this problem. How can you help them? Can they help you?
  3. Once you are progressing, you can check with your circles. Who needs help? Get them involved.
  4. Once your circles are improving, you can check with your communities, and finally with your sources.

This is how you help others while helping yourself, while obtaining results at every step.

What can you do?[edit source]

These pages include proposals to take action now: