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Decentralization is a fact in Nature. From the atoms to the universe, from bacteria to mankind, decentralization is everywhere.

As soon as quantity of complexity grows, decentralized relationships come into play. Autonomy needs it, cooperation needs it.

The goal of Happiness for everyone requires decentralization. There is no other way to organize the distribution of wealth, the distribution of power, and natural consumption.

The concept of centralization is well rooted in many human cultures. Perhaps it has a link with egotism? "I'm at the center of mankind, who is in the center of the creation of one god that is the organizer of everything." This philosopycal idea has been often used with a practical goal of justifying the centralization of power: "God gave me the power to rule all what I'm able to conquer, everybody that I'm able to submit to my rule".

From here the justification of top-down approaches emerge in politics and in economics. They are often sold as superior, more advanced, more efficient, no matter that our context, history, and results tell otherwise.

While centralization requires power, decentralization requires coordination. It's our ancestral structure, and the most advanced.