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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

Work in progress. If your question is not answered here you can ask at the discussion page.

Spiral in your language[edit source]

After creating your account, set your preferred language in your Preferences. If a translation is missing, the original English version will be displayed instead. See the list of languages with translations available.

You can also specify languages you understand in your profile. This is useful to receive updates related to your languages.

Watching pages[edit source]

If you want to watch a specific page in order to follow its changes, log in and click the star icon next to the search box. This will make that page to appear in your watchlist. Optionally, you can set in your preferences email notifications to follow these changes.

Learn more at Help:Watching pages in Wikipedia.

Discussing[edit source]

  • You can discuss the content of any page in its "Discussion" page.
  • You can also contact users through the discussion pages of their profiles. By default they will receive an email notification when their page is edited.
  • All conversations are public, and anybody can join them.
  • To start a new topic, click "Add topic".
  • To reply to a comment just add your answer below preceded with a colon (:). Like this:
I'm the original comment.

:I disagree!


:::Just because!

  • Remember to add your signature by clicking Bouton Signature.png.

More information at the help on discussion pages at

Translating[edit source]

  • Spiral is the name in English. You can use the corresponding translation in your language.
  • If your language has different forms for casual and formal voice, choose always the casual.
  • Don't translate any content between angle brackets (< >). Example: <onlyinclude>.
  • Expressions started with "Special:MyLanguage" must be translated only after the "|": [[Special:MyLanguage/Title in English|Title translated]]. Example: [[Special:MyLanguage/Freedom|Freiheit]].

More information in the Translation tutorial at

Other languages: