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I am just a human, a social being. Part of one circle or more. Part of one community or more. Part of Nature. I seek love, I seek happiness. I'm unique, I'm same. I was born, I will die.

As a living being my real needs are very basic:

  • eat and drink,
  • sleep,
  • stay healthy,
  • interact emotionally,
  • sexually
  • and eventually reproduce.

To cover these needs I can think and work, alone and with others. Happiness can be found within this reach.

I might fabricate more needs, based on my own expectations or by social pressure (habits, traditions, laws). By seeking sophisticated happiness, I might become a victim of anxiety and egoism. I might try to convince others to work for me. I might push them through persuasion or violence. I might want to control their lives for my own benefit.

Or I may be a victim of the egoists trying to acquire my freedom for their own benefit.
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