Money is the plutocrats' clothes

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Democracy and capitalism defeated feudalism waiving the flag of individual freedom and social progress. However, in the current plutocracy people still enjoy freedom and progress according to their purchasing power. Money has become an end in itself. Money buys people, including politicians. Money buys power, including democracies.

What is money, though? Detached from any material value, money has morphed into an abstract concept multiplied by bank emission and market inflation. Money is trust on volatile numbers dancing in a house of cards. This is the foundation on top of which plutocracy stands.

Social capital[edit source]

Individual freedom and social progress can be pursued through other means, well aligned with the goal of happiness for everyone. Social capital, the direct capacity of creating products and services, is more valuable than money. Social capital is priceless, as it provides wealth and happiness as one. And it cannot be purchased: the only way of producing social capital is through altruism, cooperation, and emotional exchange. The accumulation of social capital is a learning process no different than a Spiral path.

What can you do?[edit source]

Surround yourself with good people. Keep in touch with nature. Be free and express yourself but avoid the lure of individualism promoted by The Establishment to isolate you and put you to work for them.

Reduce your dependency on money. Spend less by focusing on basic needs and by finding social alternatives to paid products and services. Learn and teach to cover accessible needs by yourself or cooperating within your circles and your communities.

Reduce your dependency on corporations and financial companies. Support volunteers, self-employed professionals, cooperatives, and other businesses run by producers directly. Become one of them.

Invest in social capital.

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