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A couple of months back I decided to restart Spiral again. It is the fourth iteration, if I'm counting right. That a spiral goes and comes is not surprising. What remains unclear is whether the direction of the spiral is eccentric or concentric, but we'll see.

The motivation to invest time in Spiral continues to be the same: to find the ingredients and recipes for social happiness. What has changed in this new iteration?

  • The aim of the project is as clear as ambitious: happiness for everyone. The proposed strategy is simple: less ego, more nature. From here, four directions define possible spiral routes: simplicity, autonomy, cooperation and decentralization. Everything fitting within this framework accommodates Spiral.
  • The priority is to answer the question: What is to be done? starting with the basic criteria. Once these are clear it will be easier to pursue specific actions. This does not prevent anyone from contributing in their preferred areas. Spiral is a wiki open to all priorities, but it is also like a book.
  • Multilingualism is integrated into the project with an easy to use translation tool. English language becomes the default. Spiral topics are global and this is the current lingua franca. This scenario can be extended if other languages ​​gain a sustainable level of activity.
  • Spiral is designed to function as a collaborative project and the entire technical effort is focused in this direction. The content license is now CC0 - Public Domain in order to make it even easier to copy and modify. But if Spiral does not attract contributors it can also function as an individual project.

As always, time will tell. Thank you for your interest!--QuimGil (talk) 02:17, 18 September 2013 (CEST)

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