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A new iteration every new moon

New Moon on 2014-01-30. Time to report the highlights of Spiral's last iteration.

The last lunar cycle has been marked by the organization of the first Spiral presentations in Barcelona and Girona, where we met dozens of new people interested in the project. Welcome!

54 pages — 4,783 edits
17 recent contributors

Lunar goal[edit source]

A community goal for the next New Moon (2014-03-01): let's double the subscriptions to Spiral! We need to reach a critical mass of audience that can keep growing by itself. We are not there yet. Please help! Bring one friend or more.

English[edit source]

Completed[edit source]

Ready for sharing and translation. Help spreading them!

Under review[edit source]

Ready for review. Let's complete them before the next report.

Have a look to other drafts welcoming contributions.

New pages[edit source]

Watch them out! Ideas and edits are specially welcome here:

Full list of new pages

Wanted pages[edit source]

"Decentralization" is the most wanted page. Let's start drafting it before the next New Moon.

Translations[edit source]

20 languages in total.

  1. 34% Spanish
  2. 23% Catalan
  3. 18% German
  4. 11% Czech
  5. 7% Finnish
  6. 7% Italian

Spanish[edit source]

Contribute[edit source]

All pages are open to discussion, improvements, and translations. Check Contribute for more tasks. If you need help, get help.

Stay informed[edit source]

The next New Moon Report is expected on 2015-08-14. For more frequent updates watch the News and recent changes.

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