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A new iteration every new moon

New Moon on 2014-03-30. Time to report the highlights of Spiral's last iteration.

Since the last New Moon, a new PDF with all the Spiral content in English has been published. You can create your PDFs as well.

53 pages — 7,989 edits
4 recent contributors

English[edit source]

Completed[edit source]

Ready for sharing and translation. Help spreading them!

and the already pre-announced

Under review[edit source]

Ready for review. Let's complete them before the next report.

Have a look to other drafts welcoming contributions.

New pages[edit source]

Watch them out! Ideas and edits are specially welcome here:

Full list of new pages

Wanted pages[edit source]

"Expression" is the most wanted page. Let's start drafting it before the next New Moon.

Translations[edit source]

20 languages in total.

  1. 76% Spanish
  2. 26% Catalan
  3. 10% Czech
  4. 9% German
  5. 6% Italian
  6. 5% Finnish
  7. 5% French

Spanish[edit source]

Project backlog[edit source]

Progress in the engine room:

Contribute[edit source]

All pages are open to discussion, improvements, and translations. Check Contribute for more tasks. If you need help, get help.

Stay informed[edit source]

The next New Moon Report is expected on 2015-08-14. For more frequent updates watch the News and recent changes.

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