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Spiral formulates an ideology for freedom lovers; anybody can expand, improve, and translate. This ideology consists of ethical values, calls to action, and real-life examples. Our starting point is the Spiral principle.

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We invite you to spread Spiral. Contribute opinions, ideas, and better texts.


Anyone can discuss and improve any page at any time. Stable pages in English can be translated to any language.

Be bold

How Spiral pages evolve:

  1. Someone (could be you) creates a page either from scratch or from the pool of wanted pages
  2. New pages are marked as drafts
  3. When a draft is considered complete, it is marked for review
  4. After a week or more, the review is completed, the page is announced, and marked for translation
  5. Beyond this point, stable pages can still be improved by anyone
  6. When an original text in English changes, the translators of that page are notified.
File:Logo Otra Democracia Es Posible.jpg
Another Democracy Is Possible, a logo and motto created around 2003.


The current incarnation of Spiral started in July 2013, but there were three previous iterations.

The first Espiral project was created in 2001 by an heterogeneous group of Spanish-speaking activists spread through Europe and Latin America. This is why our domain is still today. Learn more at About Spiral.

Engine room

If you have reached this point you might also be interested in our project backlog.
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