The distribution of wealth

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What is to be done with poverty and exploitation? These are fundamental obstacles in the path toward happiness.

What can you do?[edit source]

Live a simple life. Avoid excesses and debt.

Organize your circles to support any member in need. Share the coverage of basic needs.

Learn about poverty and its causes in your your communities. Support the organizations working to remedy or prevent it. Oppose those promoting the social divide by action or omission.

Support your local sources. Avoid making the rich even richer with your work or your money. Boycott the sources exploiting your community, or any community.

Top priority[edit source]

Misery in a world of riches is unacceptable. Living a simple life must be simple, even for the most disadvantaged.

The gap between the wealthiest and the poorest must be bridged. This separation indicates the degree of autonomy, cooperation and decentralization of human groups.

Money is not a solution[edit source]

The distribution of wealth must be based in the direct provision of goods and services. The circulation of money in cash or credit attracts corruption and reinforces submission. The hungry require food, the homeless require shelter, the diseased require attention, and the insolvent require forgiveness. Every action must be driven by the participation and the education of the own beneficiaries.

The attention to the excluded must be handled with existing infrastructures. People of different social condition can work together and will obtain better results when they mix. Creating services only for the poor perpetuates the social divide.

Balancing excess[edit source]

The deficiencies can be covered with existing excesses while more sustainable strategies are implemented. Let's involve the sources of

  • Excessive accumulation to sustain luxury and status
  • Excessive production going to waste
  • Excessive debt becoming a tool for control
  • Excessive idleness among unemployed people.

The urgency and the strength of these actions will correspond to the desperation of its beneficiaries. There is no justification in denying help to those losing their dignity, their freedom, and their life.

Root causes of poverty[edit source]

Long-lasting solutions must address the root causes of poverty. Natural phenomena like drought or earthquakes can't be avoided, but what hinders the recovery of the affected? War is an immediate cause, but what caused war?

Labor exploitation and political control are always the main suspects. Women, children and the elder are more exposed, as a consequence of patriarchal and capitalist discrimination. Racism and xenophobia also play an important role.

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