The insolvent require forgiveness

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The distribution of wealth requires...

What can you do?

Main causes of debt[edit source]

At an individual level, living a simple life must be simple. Incurring in debt because of housing, transport, health care or education shows that there is something structurally wrong.

What are the causes of debt in the estates and local/regional public administrations?

What debt deserves forgiveness?[edit source]

Not all kinds of debt.

We are talking about the debt that ties individuals or communities to permanent poverty.

About the debt incurred in unfair circumstances.

About the debt owed to organizations that use it as a tool to create submission.

There is something to be said about rich creditors that don't depend on the return of the credit for their own sustainability.

There are two levels to be considered: zero interest and cancellation of debt.

What is the other side of debt?[edit source]

Increasing debts in the world are matched by increasing wealth. Hence, cancelling one will cancel the other. The above mentioned covers a fairly large number of debtors. The question is: Who is going to take the hit? Pension funds, rich individuals? If so, why?

There is a direct correlation between stagnating wages, skyrocketing corporate profits and asset bubbles, lower tax rates (especially for the rich), growing debt and wealth. In order to tackle one, you have to take on the other.

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