Use your political power

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Democracy fails as a system to seek happiness for everyone. What is to be done? How to build an alternative?

What can you do?

Be conscious of the political power you have. Exercise it in your daily life, through your actions. Don't forget it. Don't give it away for the benefit of politicians and plutocrats you disagree with.

Any change starts with you. Grow your contributions to the people and the projects motivated by the goal of happiness for everyone. Detach yourself from the system you dislike and engage with the alternatives you want to see thrive.

What do you have?

You have yourself, the best beginning of any meaningful change. There are more political tools that you should control:

  • Your values, your knowledge, and your will
  • Your relations with your circles and your communities
  • Your time, your attention, and your work
  • Your voice and your vote
  • Your money and possessions.

The power of the political and economic elites comes from the energy delegated by the people consenting, multiplied by the size of the markets and states they dominate. Politicians and plutocrats capitalize silence, apathy, and individualism just as much as votes and transactions. The Spiral principle points to directions to abandon tacit consent and embrace the construction of alternatives.

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