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Co-founder of espiral/Spiral. Currently living in Cologne (NRW, Germany) with my dear partner and two kids. Working at the Wikimedia Foundation as technical contributor coordinator. Also a Wikipedia volunteer.

Priorities[edit source]

  1. We need our own agenda
  2. Make this a decent page.  :)
  3. Adapt
    1. Vidas sencillas
    2. Si inviertes en bolsa debes conocer las empresas que estás financiando
    3. Cofinancia un proyecto social (o más)
  4. Create
    1. Quit financial economy
    2. Are you part of the problem?
  5. How to discuss in big communities, say 2000 people or more? How can everybody have a say and participate in a useful way?
  6. When there is a strike, learn what it is about.
  8. None of the world’s top industries would be profitable if they paid for the natural capital they use
  9. Idiocracy
  10. The fabrication of nationalism. See Gundula's comment.
  11. Tiny house movement
  12. Join Us In Building the Sharing Cities Network
  13. Talk:Democracy? Plutocracy!#Working_for_the_Few:_Political_capture_and_economic_inequality
  17. Video: Who creates money?
  18. Teoría e historia de la revolución noviolenta
  20. &
  21. El municipalisme com a procés contra el capitalisme