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What is Spiral

Spiral aims to formulate a contemporary ideology that freedom lovers can apply to their lives and projects.

War and poverty, permanent crisis, global plutocracy, suffering or apathy...
Any solution starts with your own actions.

We bet on a simple strategy to achieve happiness for everyone:

<a href="">Less ego</a>, <a href="">more nature</a>

<a href="">Simplicity</a> - <a href="">Autonomy</a> - <a href="">Cooperation</a> - <a href="">Decentralization</a>

What can you do here?


Spiral is a wiki written by people like yourself. We want to formulate a collaborative ideology. Read what has been written so far:

- <a href="">Table of contents</a>
- <a href="">Book format</a>


Enjoy what you are seeing here? Share it with your friends. Lets all shape together the concepts, proposals, etc.


Spiral is written by you. Feel free to start contributing when you are ready. We wrote this contributors welcome guide to show you where you can start.

About the project


  • 2013-09-24: Now you can <a href="/wk/Follow_the_Spiral" title="Follow the Spiral">subscribe to project announcements</a>.
  • 2013-09-17: <a href="/wk/Special:MyLanguage/Spiral:Another_spiral_iteration" title="Special:MyLanguage/Spiral:Another spiral iteration">Another spiral iteration</a> (<a href="/wk/Spiral:Another_spiral_iteration/ca" title="Spiral:Another spiral iteration/ca">Catalan</a> - <a href="/wk/Spiral:Another_spiral_iteration/es" title="Spiral:Another spiral iteration/es">Spanish</a>)
  • 2013-09-09: First translations, in <a href="/wk/Happiness_for_everyone/it" title="Happiness for everyone/it">Italian</a>, <a href="/wk/Happiness_for_everyone/ru" title="Happiness for everyone/ru">Russian</a>, <a href="/wk/Happiness_for_everyone/fi" title="Happiness for everyone/fi">Finnish</a>, <a href="/wk/Happiness_for_everyone/ar" title="Happiness for everyone/ar">Arabic</a>, <a href="/wk/Happiness_for_everyone/uk" title="Happiness for everyone/uk">Ukrainian</a> and <a href="/wk/Happiness_for_everyone/ja" title="Happiness for everyone/ja">Japanese</a>.

<a href="/wk/The_Spiral_project#Log" title="The Spiral project">More</a>

Who we are

Check the people who are contributing content and discussing

Last changes

  • <a href="/wk/What_is_to_be_done%3F" title="What is to be done?">What is to be done?</a>
  • <a href="/wk/Distribution_of_wealth" title="Distribution of wealth" class="mw-redirect">Distribution of wealth</a>
  • <a href="/wk/Use_your_political_power" title="Use your political power">Use your political power</a>
  • <a href="/wk/Boycott_war" title="Boycott war">Boycott war</a>