Co dělat?

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This page is a translated version of the page What is to be done? and the translation is 12% complete.

Capitalist democracy has failed and must be left behind. Reform is pointless, protest is not enough. We need our own agenda, what really matters is to bring happiness for everyone. We must identify our top priorities, addressing them through personal actions and community collaboration:

What can you do?

This is a task that can't be delegated. Any change starts with you. Personal change leads to social change when enough people agree and collaborate. Corporations and states get their power from the renounce of citizens and consumers. Let's use our political power every day. Let's move away from what we dislike and let's support the alternatives we need.

Trust actions

When looking for peers, labels and promises are not to be trusted. Trust actions and spiral paths. Different tactics are possible: Trojans inside the system, resistance in the frontier, experiences and experiments from the ground up, revolt...

Some attempt to liberate from capitalism by choice. Some are simply evicted for not having money or vote. Helping each other is how emancipation takes roots. Some start with small steps, others go for a radical change. Tangible progress is always good. And one action, one little change, is worth a million words.